Wednesday, January 22, 2020

About Ndubizu Charitable Foundation

Ndubizu Charitable Foundation believes in sharing the plight of poor widows and orphans. In 2004 the Foundation was created to provide small business grants to poor widows and education for poor orphans.

Headquartered in St. Michael's Catholic Church, Urualla, Imo State, Nigeria; the Foundation is led by Prof. Gordian Ndubizu and Very Rev. Monsignor John Ukwuoma.

The Ndubizu Charitable Foundation indentifies very poor orphans and widows who desperately need help through the Catholic Diocese of Orlu. A committee chaired by Very Rev. Monsignor John Ukwuoma selects applicants that meet the Foundation's goals and objectives.

The Foundation thanks the Catholic Bishop of Orlu Diocese for his spiritual support, Most Rev. Dr. Gregory Ochiaghi and Most Rev. Dr. Augustine Ukwuoma.

The funding for the Foundation comes from the endowment set up by Prof. & Mrs. Gordian Ndubizu.

Aims & Objectives

  1. To establish scholarship programs for orphans and needy children.
  2. To encourage and fund selfless charitable programs aimed at instilling and enhancing the integrity of persons of less privileged backgrounds.
  3. To attenuate the plight of widows through small business grants.
  4. To design and implement policies and programs that facilitate the development of the social and economic welfare of the under privileged inhabitants of local communities.
  5. To support underprivileged persons particularly members of economically and socially disadvantaged groups and support local, national, and international humanitarian initiatives with similar objectives as a means of alleviating poverty.


  • The Mission of the Foundation is to attenuate the plight of desperately needy orphans and to provide assistance to poor and needy widows.

Specific Goals

  1. Provide food, shelter and health services for needy orphans.
  2. Provide education and training for needy children and orphans, leading to self-independence through professional careers.
  3. Provide civic, religious and spiritual nurturing for needy orphans.
  4. Provide small business grants or loans to poor widows.